Latest PUBG Vn Hax 0.17.0 ESP, Aimbot Undetected 2020

pubg vn hax
pubg vn hax

Hi Gamers, Today we are going to see the PUBG VN Hax new Update, which is actually working fine, without ban.

We previously discussed about Dego-gh Hack PUBG Mobile, that one also working, without Ban, 100% working. you can check out here – Dego-gh PUBG Mobile Free Hack

before we start this thread, keep in mind that free hacks has no gurantee, it is freeware which has no clue it can harm your PC if not used properly. So better close your Antivirus or Temporairly stop your Window’s defeder to work hack Properly.

Disclaimer : These Tools are only for Tutorials & Educational Purposes Only , It can harm your Computer. Use at your own risk, i am not responsible for it.

download vn hax

What is PUBG VN Hax?

PUBG Vn Hax is a Hacking Tool, which is officially provided by the Vn hax Official site Also Vn hax developers are working on vnhax LD Emulator hacks.we will see it later.

After the Vnhax new Update, no hacks were working. But This Hack works well on Official Tencent Emulator – Gameloop.

Vn Hax New update Description

VnHax 0.16 or later, all are working fine with the ESP Hack, VnHax is providing free hacks, which is good.

Before using any hack close background apps & Antivirus for proper working of tha hack.

This Hack is working fine, tested by me, also small in size takes low cpu usage. It contains hacks like – PUBG Mobile Wallhack (ESP), 2D & 3D Boxes, PUBG Mobile Hack Aimbot, Macro hacks.

vnhax new update
vnhax new update

Vn Hax PUBG Mobile Features

version Vnhax Plus 1.1
Features2D ESP, 3D ESP, Long Lines, Aimbot, Macros
StatusUndetected [Working]


In VnHax Old UI the hacks were working fine, but in here, Only use ESP to avoid the Ban! all vnhax old ui hacks are not working now.

Vnhax PUBG Hack is now available in Vnhax English version, this is in English language thats why it is easy to operate.

Don’t use Any Aimbot and Macro Hack, this will give you Ban instantly!

Vn Hax PUBG Safe or Unsafe?

It is important to know, if the VNhaxVip hack is working completey fine or not. This hack has many features, which are described below and its status. use the Hack according to its status if it is only safe.

2D ESP, 3D ESPSafe
Long Lines, Health, Distance ESPSafe
AimbotNot Safe
MacroNot Safe

How to Hack VN Hax v1.1 PUBG

Step 1 – Turn off your Antivirus for some time.

Step 2 – Download VNHAX Loader named Vnhax Plus 1.1 and Extract it

Step 3 – Run, and Click Inject Hack

pubg vn hax

vn hax new update

Done the Hack is successfuly starts running! Enjoy

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vnhax old ui


 VnHaxVIP Insruction sets

  • F2 key-  Enable/ Disable the ESP
  • F3 key- 2D ESP Boxes
  • F4 key- Enable/ Diable Skeletones
  • F5 key – Show/ Hide Long Lines
  • F6 key- Health bar
  • F7 key- Show/ hide items
  • F8 key – Show Vehicles
  • F9 key – 3D ESP Boxes

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Download Vn Hax PUBG Mobile :


Password is : gf

Precautions & Safety tips for using PUBG Mobile Tencent Emulator Hack

  • Do not use hack in excess or in huge amount of time, Only use hack when its required.
  • Do not get reported- Reported Players have higher chances to getting ban, once reported your account would go in suspecious activity checking and it will Ban your account.
  • Don’t Use Aimbot, No recoil as it is not safe (If you are using free hacks)
  • Don’t kill more than 10 Players in a match
  • Maintain your KD around 3-4
  • Do not use PUBG Mods or UC generators they really don’t work. Save your time and use valuable & working hacks only.

Happy Killling!

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