Latest PUBG Lite PC Hack – Free ESP, Speed Hack, Long Jump

PUBG Lite PC Hack

Hey all, Today we will see another PUBG Lite PC hack. As we already know PUBG PC Lite is amazingly growing game today, and we have seen Some PUBG Lite ESP free Hack before, These are working PUBG Lite Hacks, which are working fine without any ban!

So today we will see another PUBG Lite Undetected Hack – PUBG lite PC Hack which has features like PUBG Lite PC Wallhack, PUBG Lite Aimbot,PUBG Lite RADAR, PUBG Lite No recoil and many other additional features.

PUBG Lite is an Online MultiPlayer Battle Royal Game, which is the Lite version of PUBG PC. PUBG Lite is small in size and can be run to almost all low end PC’s.

So scroll down and check out the PUBG Lite Hack free and its use.

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Disclaimer : These Tools are only for Tutorials & Educational Purposes Only , It can harm your Computer. Use at your own risk, i am not responsible for it.

PUBG Lite Hack Description

This PUBG lite hack has been developed by Gaming Forecast team, which is working good without any Ban issues. Also its a simple small sized hack, which takes low CPU usage.

This is not in English Language, although i will provide you the Translation of the Hack, so keep scrolling.

This PUBG Lite Hack comes with Hack features like – PUBG Lite ESP (Wallhack), PUBG lite Aimbot, PUBG Lite No recoil hack, PUBG Lite Speed Hack, Long Jump and many other additional ESP options, that will help you to see the Health, Distance, Guns and State (Running/Lying/Standing) of the Enemy.


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Features of PUBG Lite PC Hack

DeveloperGaming Forecast
FeaturesPUBG lite ESP, Aimbot, No recoil, Speed Hack, Long JUMP
visuals2D/ 3D ESP Boxes, Skeleton Box, State, Health, Distance ESP

This PUBG lite Hack is personally tested by me, which is working awesome! even without any type of Ban.

But using PUBG Lite Aimbot, PUBG lite No recoil, Speed Hack can give you ban. Also try to avoid Player Reports.

PUBG Lite Aimbot

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How to Hack PUBG Lite free

Step 1. Close your Antivirus or Windows defender Temporarily

Step 2. Download the Hack File from given link below

Step 3. Run PUBG Lite and Start a Match

Step 4. Run the Hack File with Administrator, Click OK

Done! the Hack will successfully starts running on your PC, Follow the Intstructions below if having any Errors.

Keys Instructions

F1 : ESP Box Show/Hide
F2 : Skeleton ESP
F3 : Name ESP
F5 : Vehicles ESP
F6 : Aimbot Hack
F7 : Long JUMP
F8 : Speed Hack

Errors Fixes for PUBG Lite Free Hack

1. If found Error, try adding this text to the Properties of PUBG Lite.exe

ShadowTrackerExtra litepclobby -LobbyUrl= -NOSPLASH -nothreadtimeout

2. Clean your Temp Files before using the Hack each and every time.

3. If you get this Error – “Client will close due to Unauthorized program

Try to Change your MAC Adress by Downloading MAC Changer

PUBG PC Lite ESP Hack download

Due to Privacy violations download links have been removed Join us on Discord for Download links. Thanks

Precautions & Safety tips for using PUBG Lite PC Hack

  •  Do not use hack in excess or in huge amount of time, Only use hack when its required.
  • Do not get reported- Reported Players have higher chances to getting ban, once reported your account would go in suspecious activity checking and it will Ban your account.
  • Don’t Use Aimbot, No recoil as it is not safe (If you are using free hacks)
  • Don’t kill more than 10 Players in a match
  • Maintain your KD around 3-4
  • Do not use PUBG Mods or UC generators they really don’t work. Save your time and use valuable & working hacks only.

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