Free PUBG Lite AHK Macro No-recoil Hack Undetected 2020

pubg lite pc hack 2020

Hi Gamers, As we have discussed many hacks for PUBG Mobile, we are now back with providing best PUBG Lite PC Hack 2020.

Many of you asking for PUBG Lite PC Hack, as we know PUBG PC Lite is a great game, in comparison of PUBG Mobile on Emulator.

Lots of Players have been playing since last year and amazingly its users are in huge numbers. PUBG PC Lite is a Lite version of PUBG PC that runs on Low & Medium End PC’s, with such a great graphics, first launched indonesia, but now Its Globally available.

So lets talk about the PUBG Lite No recoil AHK Macro and PUBG Lite PC hack 2020

Disclaimer : These Tools are only for Tutorials & Educational Purposes Only , It can harm your Computer. Use at your own risk, i am not responsible for it.

What is AHK Macro Hack?

AHK or it is called AutoHotkey, AHK is a free source of scripting Language which is available on Windows which is generally used for form fillers, auto-clicking, macros, etc.

AutoHotkey is a easy scripting tool, by which we can define Hotkeys for Keyboards as well as Mouse.

So lets see how it works  PUBG Lite Hack Free with PUBG Lite Macro Script.

PUBG Lite PC Hack 2020 No recoil

PUBG Lite No recoil hack is most used hacks of all the time, No recoil makes the Recoil of Gun very easy or set to 0.

By which we can Kill the Enemy faster without having any Bullet Drop, or missing. So if your aim is Bad or can’t control gun recoils like – AKM or Mk47 then this is for you.

PUBG lite No recoil hacks works with this MACRO, we will see how it works.

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PUBG Lite PC hack Description

Its a simple hack , Inorder to use PUBG Lite Hack free, you don’t need any documentation for this. It works great and Safe.

This PUBG Lite Hack consists of No recoil Hack, Undetected and working without any Ban or Kicking out of the server.

This Hack is strong enough that Anti-Cheat can’t detect it.

PUBG Lite hack Features

TypeMacro Hack – Hack PUBG Lite PC
FeatureNo Recoil Only
Status[Undetected] Safe to use
RequirementsWindows 10, Intel/ NVIDIA Graphics

pubg lite pc hack


  • Auto Fire
  • Quick Scope
  • No Bullet Drop
  • Best to use with attachments

How to Use No recoil PUBG Lite Hack

1 . Download the PUBG Lite Hack Free from Download Link below.

2. Open it as an administrator

3. Done ! Now Read the Instructions for Settings for Hack

Instructions for PUBG Lite PC Hack

Choose your Faviorate gun and follow :

Change the Values in hack Menu according to your Recoil Pattern, Check into the Training Mode for testing No recoil.

Make sure to load all the Attachments in your gun for better Recoil

Hack PUBG Lite PC Keys

Default F3 to Toggle Hack. Click F3 to ON/OFF the Hack

PUBG Lite PC Hack : No recoil Settings

It depends upon your mouse sensitivity, yet i am providing you my settings for No recoil-

M416(VerticalForegrip, Tactical Stock, Red Dot Sight)3/2/500
AKM (Red Dot Sight)4/2/500

If you feel this setting is making your recoil Bad, Just change these numbers High or Low to see the Changes.

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PUBG Lite No recoil Download

Precautions & Safety tips for using PUBG Lite PC Hack

  •  Do not use hack in excess or in huge amount of time, Only use hack when its required.
  • Do not get reported- Reported Players have higher chances to getting ban, once reported your account would go in suspecious activity checking and it will Ban your account.
  • Don’t Use Aimbot, No recoil as it is not safe (If you are using free hacks)
  • Don’t kill more than 10 Players in a match
  • Maintain your KD around 3-4
  • Do not use PUBG Mods or UC generators they really don’t work. Save your time and use valuable & working hacks only.

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