April 10, 2021

How to become a Famous singer in Bitlife? Latest Tips 2021

Hello everyone, who are reading this article we will here talk about an application which is called Bitlife. Well, most people already know about this game or application, if you don’t know bitlife, this post will not useful for you : ) In this Post we will talk about how to become a famous singer in bitlife.

Bitlife is a super fun, text-based real-life simulator where you can do several tasks which will give you a random character at the start, and then you can play by making your choices. Bitlife is entertaining and addictive, however, time limits can be imposed. This game is awesome in general. The game has parental controls, and it’s easy to switch off the aggression. This game is suitable for children aged ten to eleven years old, based on their maturity.

Also in Bitlife you can become a singer or say famous singer depending upon your skills in the game. This Post is very much helpful if you want to become a famous singer in bitlife in a very much easy and efficient way.

So, lets see complete guide of how to be a famous singer in bitlife –

how to be a famous singer in bitlife?

In Short to become a famous singer in bitlife, you need to first increase your voice level. Now if you need to improve voice level there are further processes to do so. To increase voice level proceed to the activities Tab and move to Mind & body options. Now move at the bottom to see some stuff like vocal lessons and improving voice options. By taking your parent’s permission you can now start practicing and improving vocal lessons for free until you are below age 18.

How to get Music career in bitlife and become a Pop Star –

Step 1 – Intitial Step

Before going to become a famous pop star in bitlife, you will need to start from the initial stage, where you can start grinding through the app and know all basics of the app. To avoid a long time, prepare for going gym which will basically work when you will age out 18 years old. Go to the gym to enhance yourself quickly. Also, Make sure to maintain your social media as it will help you to grow faster and give you fame.

  • Start a life
  • Age upto 6yo
  • Go to Activites, Mind & Body, Instruments
  • Start Practicing particular Instrument

When you reach 10 years, Start Practicing for your voice lessons, which will be available in the Activities->Mind & Body->Voice Option. Start doing practice just like you did for Instruments till you are 18.

Step 2 – Occupation

When you reach 18 years of your age, Jobs and careers are your first and very much first priority to be done. When you are 18, you got many opportunities unlocked to do, many different jobs and careers to follow and continue. During your college time try to focus more on your music subject, this will increase your luck for a future singing career.

  • Start doing activities which include music
  • Start Hitting Gym for a better look
  • Focus more on Music, rather than your college
  • Properly maintain your social media

Step 3 – Becoming a Pop Star

This is the Final and Last step that you will have to achieve to finally become a Top-level singer in the best way. Go to the Occupation tab move down to special careers and select a pro musician there. Now you will be able to join a band or be a solo singer. Give auditions to the band, if it goes wrong, try again with more preparation. Try getting in some rehearsal time before releasing a single and then a song. To sell your album, you will finally be invited to perform on talk shows and other activities.

If you choose an option as a solo artist, now record companies will look for you if you have an awesome level of voice skill. Make sure you have 80% of voice skill to become a successful singer, as it is very difficult now to achieve a true goal easily. Also if your song gets hits, companies will surely get to you and you can get money also through your recent or old album.

  • Start doing activities which include music
  • Go down to Special Careers
  • Select Professional Musician Option
  • Pick Solo Artist
  • Make career type Singer

You’ll finally become a new singer if you have enough patience and determination! Since you’ve developed your singing ability, what you have to do now is keep trying for record labels. That’s what there is to know about becoming a well-known singer in Bitlife. You should learn all of this when you’re here. That was all about how to become a famous singer in bitlife android. Keep reading.

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