Desi ESP PUBG Mobile No root APK Download

desi esp no root apk

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PUBG Mobile Desi ESP is getting so much hype as some developers managed to crack it and made available for No root devices. They have done a great work, should be thankful to them.

Desi ESP No root Hack 2020 Features

DeviceNo root
FeaturesBall ESP, Line ESP, Name ESP, Health ESP, Distance ESP, Car ESP
DeveloperDesi ESP

Desi ESP PUBG Hack Description

Desi ESP is working great for Rooted as well as Non rooted devices. But there is a lot of difference using desi ESP Root version and Desi ESP non root version.

Finally No root users can also play with desi ESP, which is alternative of walter black v3.

However Main ID is not recommended, use your dummy ID and use it for spectator, and push your main ID.

Also use different Dummy accounts to be safe from Ban. If you don’t know what is PUBG Mobile Spectate hack? Check the below link

desi esp pubg hack

Spectate Hack using PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 without Bypasss

Desi ESP PUBG Mobile Hack APK

Desi ESP No root APK is used to play with the help of virtual space provided, aslo root users can use Desi ESP root APK without any Virtual space for PUBG.

  • Root users — Play Direct
  • No root users — Use with virtual

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desi esp hack no root

How to use Desi ESP for Non root

  1. Download and Install these three apps into your Android –

  • Technical King Virtual
  • Desi ESP No root APK
  • ESP Patcher

2. Run Virtual APK, Add PUBG Mobile, Desi ESP and ESP Patcher

3. Open Virtual, run PUBG login your account and then close the game.

4. Open Virtual run Desi ESP, minimize it

5. Open Virtual, Run ESP patcher, Click START then ACTIVATE, then close the virtual Space

6. Open Virtual, Start PUBG Mobile, minimize it

6. Now Start Desi ESP from Virtual an click START


Tips for Safe Match ( To not get Banned)

  1. Always play normal, don’t show off like a hacker
  2. Kill less than 12 Enemies in a match
  3. Use only Colorhack, Wallhack, and Antenna hack
  4. Clear cache of PUBG Mobile after every 3 matchs of PUBG

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Video Tutorial for Desi ESP Non Root

Desi ESP No root APK Download

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